Friday, 31 October 2008

busy doing nothing.........

i have had a week off work and all i managed was a couple of lo's and a perpetual calendar.
i am in 2 christmas swaps and seem to spend all my spare time either trying to choose the right gifts or browsing and buying from the online shops.
i still need to get a couple of gifts and make something for my swappees then its just the wrapping and sending off, then wait until christmas to recieve mine, its so exciting, roll on christmas. i hope my swappees like their gifts.
i am at work all weekend until monday night so no scrapping for me until tuesday when i will be making my swappees their gifts.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

homemade believe book

after the thread on ukscrappers kept coming to the top after getting lost among the other threads i thought i would put the instructions on here so they dont get lost again, hope they come in handy for lots of people.

here is how i made it:
type your word, lets say xmas, using rockwell bold font, using 550 as font size and print out onto paper.get some mountboard or similar, longest bit should be 13 inches long and about 6 inches high.cut the letters out. place the s at the end of the longest card and draw round it lightly, trim the width of card so its the same size of the s, now cut the s out but only cutting out the first half of the s, repeat this with the a,m and x, make sure you trim so they are all the same lay the word out making sure there are even spaces for each letter, now cut the excess card from the other end where thew holes will be, holepunch, place bookrings in and away you go.hope you all can follow this.have fun,jackie

Friday, 4 July 2008

long time, no blog

its been ages since i last put a new post on here, well i have been busy workwise afterall.

well since i last blogged i have done the ukscrappers cybercrop which was extremely good fun and kept me very busy over 3 days, my sister stayed over that weekend and we got loads done, everyone left us alone to get on with it, we made a right mess but had fun.

i have finished my teams cj and recieved mine back, wow the work that has gone into it is amazing, thanks to all members of the cropodile chicks, you rock.

i have made and sold 2 baby albums to my work colleagues.

i have done various layouts of grandchildren, etc. my scrapping slowed down in june tremendously due to not being too well, that is now sorted and am planning up on catching up on all the stuff i have fallen behind on like the a-z journal, scrap your day journal and the overlooked challenge journal, wow so much to do its just as well i am off work till the 16th july then isnt it.

best bit of news is its my birthday on 6th july and my oh has shared the cost of a 120 pack of prisma pencils with my oldest ds as my present, they are wonderful, so is my oh and ds, the pencils are the best, i love the way they blend nicely and its great for colouring my lovely stamps i have bought recently from the marketplace on ukscrappers and good old ebay.

well here are a few things i have done recently, thought i had better ad some pics seen as it is a scrapping blog.

from top to bottom the lo's are.
a 8x8 lo ofmy grand daughter
a 12x12 lo made for a wekly challenge on ukscrappers, lo is of me, twin sister and older sister on a day out to london zoo.
and last but not least is a lo i done today using some of the scrapagogo june kit, how i love these kits, i look forward to the middle of each month, waiting for the postie to give me my yellow box of goodies.
well thats it for now but i promise i won't leave it so long next time.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

here is a lo i done in 15 minutes, i love the photo of my dear daughter and grand daughter who loves cuddling and having her photo taken with her auntie

not good, bad blogger

well after what seems like ages since i even came on here a lot has happened.
first my older sister was rushed into hospital with a bleed on her brain, operated on and she is now recovering at home, thank god.
then 3 weeks ago i had the most excruciating pain i could ever imagine, i thought i was having a heart attack. ds called for an ambulance as he could see how much pain i was in even though i have a very high pain threshold. luckily it wasnt my heart but gall stones, yes , gall stones, how something so little could cause that much pain i will never know. anyway i came away from the hospital with an arm full of pills to take, 15 a day. i had a blood test and have to have a scan, still waiting for that, good old nhs.
last night i had another attack, so bad it made me throw up. i was in agony for over 4 hours, when i phoned the dr he said just to take paracetamol as the painkillers prescribed to me would make me sick again.
woke up this morning feeling like crap and it felt like i had been punched in the stomach loads of times.

i have managed to do some scrapping in the last few weeks but i am trying to get organised for the ukscrappers cybercrop starting on the 25th april, still got loads to do, scrapping wise, trying to catch up on the overlooked challenge and the a-z book as well as doing the weekly challenges and the daily challenges for the cc. on top of this lot i have been doing 14 hour days at work due to the fact that the kids i care for are on holidays from school til monday.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

boxframed 3d layout

here is a 3d layout of my grand daughter, i then put it in a boxframe, the lo is 9x9. i painted the frame and put pp and embellies on it. i am doing one of my twin grandsons, these are going in my craft room once it is painted.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

late night/ early morning

last night at about 11pm i decided to make a mini book that folded out to make 2 big pages, i tried to sleep but i couldnt stop thinking about it so i stayed up till 2.20am to get it finished, thinking i could get a bit of a lie-in, that wasnt the case, i woke up at 6.15 this morning, ohh well.

here is the finished book and open pages.

Monday, 3 March 2008

i have a slideshow

wow, i am getting all cheery as i sussed out how to put a slideshow on here, it took me ages to work out how to do it and at one stage it was in the wrong place so i had to work out how to move it which i did, feel free to have a look.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

mothers day, peace at last, bliss

well i cant believe its march already, i had a great day today, mothers day, i spent most of the time in my scraproom, chilling out and getting a bit of peace for a change.
here are some piccies of a 6x8 baby album i made today, have added some ribbons to the wires though, its for a friend at work whos dd will be 1 very soon.

Thursday, 28 February 2008


here are some lo's i have done recently, after a spell of not doing much scrapwise, been busy with work and grandchildren, they are growing up so fast.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

i made an organiser

here are some pictures of a scrapbook organiser i made myself today out of cereal boxes, mountboard and scraps of basic grey paper. the back is wide enough to store 12x12 paper and card.

Monday, 25 February 2008

massive update, long overdue.

well, now i have some rare spatre time i thought it about time i updated my blog, i have done some scrapping since the beginning of february.

work has been really busy so not had a chance to do as much as i would have liked.

here is one of the lo's i have done;
this is the ukscrappers february week 4 challenge lo

Friday, 1 February 2008

fall into fbruary

i cant believe its february already, where did january go, time flies when your having fun doesnt it, anyway i have kicked off february with 3 lo's, a dlo of my grand daughter, slo's of my twin grandsons and of 2 meerkats hugging, cute or what.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

instructions for love book

1/get 4 pieces of 8x8 card and fold in half lengthways and widthways, then fold from corner to corner.
2/ cut one triangle off the card, make the opposite triangle into a mountain fold.

3/use dst to stick the single triangle to the adjoining square.
4/close the pages and the full triangle will fold up inside.
repeat for other 3 pieces of 8x8, stick them together making sure all are up the same way. decorate. my one is on here so you get a better idea.

love book

here is a book i made for my partner, steve for valentines day.

Monday, 28 January 2008

me time

well after 3 days at work i thouight i deserved some me time so i spent a few hours in my craft room today, not worried about the housework even though the washing machine did do all the washing today. i dont get much time to myself what with my job, housework and everything else that comes with thast fantastic job of being a parent, so when the rare time comes along and i find time for me i make the most of it. here are some layouts i done today.

here is my first page for the overlooked challenge, this one was about your fave mug, well this is my one. i have decided to do this in 6x12, a new size for me but i like it.

here is my dlo pages for my a-z journal, B for books, when i am not on here or crafting, you will find me with my nose in a book whether that is a craft, cookery or other book, i love reading.

here is my lo for the week 3 challenge on ukscrappers, my son getting annoyed about me trying all the time to get a half decent photo of him.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

new job

i had an interview yesterday for a deputy managers job at the place i work. the day didnt start well as i found out after searching for ages for my shoes that my oh had thrown them away last week, apparently his excuse was that i didnt wear them, well they are not the sort of shoes to wear to my job, looking after children, going to parks, playing football, etc but they were perfect for meetings and interviews. well i had to run around town looking for another pair, he is payng me back for them. anyway i had the interview and was told that the job is mine, woohoo.
i love my job and the kids and staff are all great, its like a home from home as i am there just as much as i am at home.
i am looking after my 3 grandkids today so i will do some scrapping this evening, i have to do my b page for my a-z journal and my entry in the cj for my team,the cropodile chicks on ukscrappers, ohh and i want to do a lo using little glass mosiac tiles, wow a busy evening for me then, will upload when they are done.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

productive day

yesterday i had a very productive day which included the small hours of this morning as well.
i managed to get 3 lo's done.

this is of my son and daughter in 1998, i used 2 scoops pp.
this is of my grand daughter, using more 2 scoops, can you tell i have a thing about 2 scoops at the moment.

this one is for the january week 3 challenge on ukscrappers, it shows a pic of my son when he was in playschool back in 1988.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

i done the unthinkable today

i love the basic grey 2 scoops pp and all the other stuff that matches it, i love it so much i bought it.

well today i had a funny five minutes whilst in my scraproom.....

i picked up a craft knife and blatently cut into a sheet, yes i cut into it, randomly too. i then proceeded to stick it to a piece of card with no thought for the pp at all, total disregard for it actually. i then opened the pack of chipboard stickers and stuck them onto the card with some premeditated actions along with a photo of my grand daughter.
here is the end result;

Friday, 18 January 2008

another post

well i cant believe it, i am here again, i must admit i like blogging now, took a while to get used to it but its very addictive. just finished work and got home, whats the first thing i do, yes thats right, get a can of pepsi max and come online, my oh must know every inch of my back by now as that seems to be all he sees when i am at home but he does watch tv like its going out of fashion especially sport, any sport. so we both have our hobbies and our addictions so we have things to talk about other than work or the kids.

anyway i came on here to put a piccy of my 2008 christmas journal , i know, i know, its way too early but hang on one minute, people are still doing their 2007 ones so i thought i would get one step ahead and get it ready for photos and journalling for next christmas, thereby cutting the time in half for when i need it.
here it is;

Thursday, 17 January 2008

ukscrappers week 2 challenge

well this challenge really got me thinking but i think i have pulled it off., i had to use something from the film the wizard of oz, metal bling and 2 of these colours, red, green or yellow.

i could have done a lo with a photo of my grand daughter but thought i would use this photo of my twin grandsons as they are little munchkins. this made a change from doing blue lo's of them and i like the end result.

Monday, 14 January 2008

stash buys

well its payday and did i make the most of that.

today i bought a cuttlebug from craft central for 60 quid, 2 packs of coloured star brads and a embossing folder for my cuttlebug. i also sent off payments for my buys in the sales from various online scrapbooking shops. now just waiting for my lovely postie to bring me my stash, then its serious playtime for me.

little miss attitude

here is a lo i made yesterday of my grand daughter , using the new blong moment pp's

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

my mixed up book

well seen as i am skint til payday i thought i would save myself some pennies and have a go at making a small album with different shaped pages inside, like the ones on sale in a sb shop.
here it is, not the same as the one on sale, just the same sort of idea.
its made from cereal box card and scraps of patterned paper.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

deep in thought

been busy today, what with all the usual housework and scrapping, here is a layout of my dd, did some doodling and wrote the title myself.
i like doing these whitespace lo's at the moment but that will change i expect as i have tons of embellies to use.

here is my 2nd lo of the day, its of the first snow of 2008, piccy taken from my front door.

here they are

here is the first of 2 lo's i did today, this is my grand daughter and she has the most amazing eyes, only done a few lo's with loads of whitespace but i am liking them.

got up late

well this is a first for me, i didnt wake up til 09.30, must have been shattered after 2 straight days at work, i work with children and i must admit they ran me ragged over the last 2 days.
i am now off work til thursday so will get some scrapping done after i have done all the housework of course, will post on here later with piccies.

Monday, 7 January 2008

uks week 1 challenge

here is my attempt at theukscrappers week one challenge, i really enjoyed doing this as its of my grand daughter and i used the colours i love using for her.