Thursday, 17 April 2008

here is a lo i done in 15 minutes, i love the photo of my dear daughter and grand daughter who loves cuddling and having her photo taken with her auntie

not good, bad blogger

well after what seems like ages since i even came on here a lot has happened.
first my older sister was rushed into hospital with a bleed on her brain, operated on and she is now recovering at home, thank god.
then 3 weeks ago i had the most excruciating pain i could ever imagine, i thought i was having a heart attack. ds called for an ambulance as he could see how much pain i was in even though i have a very high pain threshold. luckily it wasnt my heart but gall stones, yes , gall stones, how something so little could cause that much pain i will never know. anyway i came away from the hospital with an arm full of pills to take, 15 a day. i had a blood test and have to have a scan, still waiting for that, good old nhs.
last night i had another attack, so bad it made me throw up. i was in agony for over 4 hours, when i phoned the dr he said just to take paracetamol as the painkillers prescribed to me would make me sick again.
woke up this morning feeling like crap and it felt like i had been punched in the stomach loads of times.

i have managed to do some scrapping in the last few weeks but i am trying to get organised for the ukscrappers cybercrop starting on the 25th april, still got loads to do, scrapping wise, trying to catch up on the overlooked challenge and the a-z book as well as doing the weekly challenges and the daily challenges for the cc. on top of this lot i have been doing 14 hour days at work due to the fact that the kids i care for are on holidays from school til monday.