Friday, 31 October 2008

busy doing nothing.........

i have had a week off work and all i managed was a couple of lo's and a perpetual calendar.
i am in 2 christmas swaps and seem to spend all my spare time either trying to choose the right gifts or browsing and buying from the online shops.
i still need to get a couple of gifts and make something for my swappees then its just the wrapping and sending off, then wait until christmas to recieve mine, its so exciting, roll on christmas. i hope my swappees like their gifts.
i am at work all weekend until monday night so no scrapping for me until tuesday when i will be making my swappees their gifts.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

homemade believe book

after the thread on ukscrappers kept coming to the top after getting lost among the other threads i thought i would put the instructions on here so they dont get lost again, hope they come in handy for lots of people.

here is how i made it:
type your word, lets say xmas, using rockwell bold font, using 550 as font size and print out onto paper.get some mountboard or similar, longest bit should be 13 inches long and about 6 inches high.cut the letters out. place the s at the end of the longest card and draw round it lightly, trim the width of card so its the same size of the s, now cut the s out but only cutting out the first half of the s, repeat this with the a,m and x, make sure you trim so they are all the same lay the word out making sure there are even spaces for each letter, now cut the excess card from the other end where thew holes will be, holepunch, place bookrings in and away you go.hope you all can follow this.have fun,jackie