Tuesday, 14 July 2009

leeds castle minibook

i had such a lovely time at leeds castle with steve, yazmin and nic that i thought i would make a minibook to keep some of the photos in but what to use to make the minibook. not enough mountboard left to make a book ( note to self, remember to go to lovely framers to pick up some free mountboard) but then i spotted a cardboard box that a parcel had came in, so i got to work cutting it up to make the pages for my book, tearing some of the top layer off to reveal the corrugated part of the box. i was going to bind it using my bia but the cardboard was too thick for it so i used my cropodile instead and used bookrings.
i used left over papers, the frame on the front page is actually a magnetic frame from poundland, 6 for £1.00, bit of a bargain i thought.

here are some pics of said book.