Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new year

first of all i would like to apologise for the long gap in my blog, bad blogger!!!!!
now to business;
happy new year to everyone and may 2010 be a good year for you all, anything has got to be better than the year thats just ended, steve lost his job, i had to do extra shifts to make up for some of the money we didnt have coming in. ohh well thats life.
the good news is we got a kitten in november, called pedro, he is a long haired fluffball, dark brown in colour and is very lively, loves climbing the clothes airer, lol.
not much scrapping has taken place apart from ukscrappers cybercrop, i got loads done and loved every mad minute of it, big thanks to my sister niki for letting me stay at her house for the entire weekend.
our christmas was ok, could have been better but wasnt that bad for a christmas on a very tight budget. the worse present i got was swine flu 3 days after christmas, still suffering now, damn you swine flu, damn you.
i have a bit of good news, i went on to my local freecycle group and have got an electic sewing machine coming today, the lovely lady is even bringing it to my house, how sweet is she:)
i have printed out some simple patterns to get me started as i havent used a machine for years, got to start somewhere.
i have been knitting things like a snowman, rabbit, angel and a scarf which is an ojgoing project lol.
i seriously need to buy some black double knit wool for this 18 inch dress up doll which comes with a wardrobe of clothes i am making my grand daughter for her birthday.
anyway thats the last few months of 2009 for me, written in a few sentences, not bad ehh.
last but not least, i am now just waiting for my NVQ4 certificate to be posted to me then i have the qualification i have been waiting months for.

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